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Brixton Ferndale Monday: Court 2Fixtures Standings
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Camden MondayFixtures Standings
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Clapham Common MondayFixtures Standings
Clapham Common WednesdayFixtures Standings
London Bridge MondayFixtures Standings
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Waterloo (Archbishop's Park) MondayFixtures Standings

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Top 10 Form Teams

TeamLeagueLast LossGames Since Last Loss
RPM (PINK)Brixton Ferndale Monday: Court 118/11/201912 (10 wins, 2 draws)
The London Boars (EMERALD GREEN)Camden Tuesday No losses11 (all wins)
Netball Team (BLACK)London Bridge Monday03/02/20209 (all wins)
Nets be Friends (PINK)Camden Monday03/02/20208 (all wins)
Victorious Secrets (BLACK)London Bridge Tuesday03/03/20208 (all wins)
The Wonderballs (EMERALD GREEN)Waterloo Wednesday (GMHP)05/02/20208 (all wins)
Camden United (GREEN)Camden Monday24/02/20207 (4 wins, 3 draws)
Balham Bullets (RED)Balham Monday02/03/20206 (all wins)
Ball Saints (NAVY BLUE)Brixton Tuesday03/03/20206 (all wins)
Page Panthers (ROYAL BLUE OR RED)Waterloo (Archbishop's Park) Monday02/03/20206 (5 wins, 1 draw)

Top 10 Goal Scoring Teams

TeamLeagueAverage Goals/Game
Tits & Bits (BLACK)London Bridge Wednesday23.60
Thunder (ROYAL BLUE)London Bridge Wednesday23.20
Nets be Friends (PINK)Camden Monday23.00
SW Ballers (ROYAL BLUE)Clapham Common Wednesday20.17
Pontiac Bandits (YELLOW)Clapham Common Monday20.00
Victorious Secrets (BLACK)London Bridge Tuesday19.63
Backline Bandits (BLACK)Shoreditch Tuesday19.57
Squad Goals (PINK)Camden Tuesday 19.50
Win & Tonic (BLACK)Brixton Tuesday19.38
Ball Saints (NAVY BLUE)Brixton Tuesday19.13

Top 10 Players Of The Season

Alice DunnJDX (BABY BLUE)London Bridge Tuesday2
Cath WongBarclays BlueBirds (GREEN)Shoreditch Tuesday2
Emily KiddPouncer Casuals K.D. (TIGER PRINT)Brixton Tuesday2
HannahSW Ballers (ROYAL BLUE)Clapham Common Wednesday2
Madison Patruzio See you next Tuesday (PINK)Shoreditch Tuesday2
Becky HighamPouncer Casuals K.D. (TIGER PRINT)Brixton Tuesday1
Becky higham Ball Saints (NAVY BLUE)Brixton Tuesday1
Anna WebsterNets be Friends (PINK)Camden Monday1
Anita LomasSee you next Tuesday (PINK)Shoreditch Tuesday1
Ani AmatotseroMean Goals (ROYAL BLUE)London Bridge Tuesday1